Asociatia CAR Unirea Deva


C.A.R. UNIREA DEVA is widely recognized as as one of the strongest Credit Unions in Hunedoara county, both as the number of members and in terms of the permanently growing number of its agencies, not only in cities but more and more in the countryside.

It appeared 50 years ago as C.A.R. Mina Deva and served the necessities of the members employed by the Deva Non-Ferrous Mining Company, the Veţel Mine, the Deva Mining Lyceum, the Mining Research Center, the Mintia birdfarm, Bentocalcar Gurasada and several other companies.

More than one decade ago C.A.R. Mina Deva decided to externalize and modernize the activity. At the moment it was one of the first medium sized credit unions that took the step of leaving the Deva Mining Company it was hosted by. It also changed its name in C.A.R. Unirea Deva.

This decision proved to be a very good one, considering that her name was not associated with a company in decline. Relocated in downtown Deva, it was able to provide services for a growing number of members, their numbers increased from 2289 in 1998 to 8263 in 2012, and the trend continues.

Both the increase of the number of members and the modern management led to financial reinforcement of the credit union, this decade recorded a substantial increase of the members savings, the reserve capital and the total capital of the entity. The development policy enforced by the board of management led to establishing agencies troughout the county, besides the headquarters and the secondary office from Micro15-Deva.

This is how agencies or branches were established in Zam, Ilia, Dobra, Beriu, Geoagiu and Orăștie. These were meant to provide access to swift, modern services where no other financial institutions do, close to the members homes. In the last couple of years the activity expanded to other counties too, so agencies appeared in Arad, Timis and Alba. The success of this program ecourages us to continue it All the agencies are equipped with the necessary IT infrastructure, instant networked access to the central databases, security systems conneeted to specialized security companies reknowned for promptness and efficiency.

As a community institution, CAR Unirea Deva values the help of around 100 contributors voluntarily sharing information regarding the purpose and the rance of financial and consultancy services provided by the credit union. But most important is the work of the employees, a well trained team of professionals: economists, legal consultants and customer service operators, available to the members 6 days a week.


Indicator to 2020-12-31

Nr of members
Social fund
45757 mii lei
Loan granted(amount)
34126 mii lei
Productive assets
57421 mii lei
Number of employee


CAR Unirea Deva I.F.N.

Bd. Decebal, bl.5, sc.D, parter 330014Deva, Hunedoara

Tel/Fax 0254-221650/354412681,

President - ec. Petreanu Cristinel

Dir.econ/CFO - ec. Benga Geanina

Agenții/Agencies: Deva 1-2, Soimus, Branisca, Ilia, Dobra, Baita, Zam, Savarsin, Orastie, Geoagiu, Beriu, Pitesti, Romos, Orastioara de Sus, Cugis, Sebes 1-2, Pianu de Sus, Sasciori