Sediul CAR Municipal Brad IFN, construit in colaborare cu UJCAR Hunedoara

CAR ZARAND IFN permanently seeks ways to enhance its services and to provide best financial solutions for its members.

In 2012 and 2013 we made efforts for modernizing our existing offices and opening of new agencies in Criscior, Blajeni and Halmagiu. This process continued in the next yaers with new agencies in Luncoiu de Jos-Hunedoara county and Gurahont and Buteni - Arad county,, followed by another agency in T\rnova - Arad county . The permanent growth of the number of members and the increasing value of the social funds is the proof that the institution is trusty and stable and the territorial expansion is efficient.. In the near future we intend to consolidate the activities of our agencies, especially to the country side, by creating new types of loans and services for farmers and low income members.

We support the program „Development through knowledge” ruled by UTCAR West Region, by which, children from families without income receive a chance to continue their studies.

CAR ZARAND IFN has been since 2006 among the most powerful Credit Unions in Romania as shown in the rank using performance related indicators made by the National Association of Credit Unions.

The year 2009 stands as a reference year for our institution because we took the second place nationally, but we continue to be one of the top credit unions in the strongest territorial association of Romania ever since.


Even in the concurrential environment created by 8 bank branches, all in the close vecinity, CAR ZARAND IFN permanently increased the financial results. The number of the members, the incomes, the granted loans all increased significantly during the years, and this proves that our services are useful and appreciated by the community.

CAR ZARAND IFN offers the following type of loans to its members:

  • Traditional loans - up to 5 times the member’s social fund with a maximum reimbursement term of 4 years; indebtedness could not exceed one third of the monthly income; loans are secured by personal social fund, by income, by endorsers – members from within the Credit Union who can guarantee with their own social funds or retirees with substantial incomes.
  • Occasional loans (short term loans) – they are granted for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks; they are meant to help members to overcome some temporary difficulties and the sums loaned do not take into account the accumulated social fund or the seniority of the member.
  • Special loans for a medium term – up to 8 times the member’s social fund; a reimbursement term of maximum 4 years; indebtedness could not exceed one third of the monthly income; the same securities as to the traditional loan.
  • Promotional loans – granted on religious holidays (Easter, Christmas) birthday, the new school year, vacations.
  • Capitalization loan.
  • Supplementing loans

Therefore when becoming a CAR ZARAND IFN member one benefits from a series of advantages such as:

  • quick access to loans, simple forms easy to complete,
  • free guidance from our employees,
  • tax free annual interest,
  • low costs credits,
  • bereavement benefit,
  • scholarships for the children of members with a five year seniority and low incomes.

Registrul membrilor din anii '60

The Irish writer and karate champion, Bruce Hyland remarked one day „Seeking for help means a sign of wisdom and force of character. No one passes through life or works alone”. Certainly, those who established the first forms of mutual help for miners working at „Mica Brad” had the same thought. Later, between 1950 and 1952 „Consume House” was established, the ancestor of the modern Credit Union. Existing documents prove the birth of our Credit Union in 1955.

Situated in the town Brad, C.A.R. Zarand integrates perfectly in the social life of the city. Brad is certificated as an administrative center since the year 1600. Even if in different historical periods the town history is strongly related to gold mining activities, today the city is trying to find the right paths to gain its formerly glory.

As a consequence of closing the gold mining excavations and mass layoffs, the social structure of the area severely changed. As Walter Scott well said: „If the people will ever stop helping each other, they will surely vanish from earth”, both the Credit Union and its members understood that their existence is tied.

Barza Credit Union managed to build its own offices in Brad in 1992. Since 01 January 1999 the institution carries its activities in a modern and agreeable environment. Thanks to the easy accessibility into the institution, but also to the high efficiency and the full support and consultancy, the high interest rates to member’s social funds, our institution is very appreciated and esteemed.


Indicator to 2018-12-31

Nr of members
Social fund
24776 mii lei
Loan granted(amount)
23074 mii lei
Productive assets
29126 mii lei
Number of employee


CAR Zarand I.F.N.

Str. Republicii nr. 22 335200Brad , Hunedoara

Tel./fax 0254-612795



Presedinte/President - Petrucean Ramona

Cont.sef./CFO - Doț-Trip Gabriela-Elena

Agenții/Agencies: Crişcior, Vaţa de Jos, Blăjeni, Hălmagiu, Luncoiu de Jos, Gurahonţ, Buteni, Târnova, Beius, Vascau