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The number of loans grew considerably in the last years mainly thanks to “winter holydays promotional loans”. While in 2012 there were granted 384 loans in total value of 1.075.000 lei (approximately 238.000 EUR), in 2015 the numbers increased to more than two million lei (almost 450.000 EUR). Among them, a great share is held by the Christmas promotional loans which were granted in November and December. The board is considering future similar campaigns and also other promotions..

Another newly introduced service provided to our members but for all village’s inhabitants as well, was the installment of a PayPoint terminal in credit union’s office. This terminal facilitates the payment of various bills such as phone bills, utilities bills and so on, allowing members to make more monthly payments in one place.

Another new service is the holiday loan, a special loan by which members acquire, at great prices, holiday tickets in various resorts in Romania or abroad.


  • Traditional loans – the maximum granted is 3 to maximum 5 times the amount of one’s social fund;
  • Capitalization loans;
  • Occasional loans.

Certej IFN was founded by a group of employees of Certej Mining Exploatation in May, 15, 1973. The Credit Union headquarter is situated near the center of Certej city, completely renovated and modernized.

A glimpse of history

It is well known that Certej area has a mining tradition of over 265 years and in all this time the economic development of the village was heavily dependent on both the periods of glory and the recession of the mining activity, influencing the standards of living for the residents of the town. The activities of Certej I.F.N. The activity of the Credit Union was over time in a close relation with that of the mining, moreover the offices of Certej IFN were in the premises of the mine until 2006 when the exploitation was definitely closed. From that moment on the stability of the Credit Union was roughly shaken and its activity continued due to a small group of hearty members who made it possible for the entity to continue its work in a new premises inside one of the new buildings in town where we function normally and in accordance with standards. Achievements and future objectives

At the end of each of the last years, the Credit Union recorded good results concerning the main performance indicators: “The value of the loans and the member’s social fund increased constantly, generating an according increase on the total incomes The results and the continuous growth of the number of members gives us a certainity about the uptrend activity of the Credit Union. In order to diversify our financial activities and specially for becoming a highly trusted institution we adopted a new form of bereavement benefit both for the members and its family members, according to UTCAR’s set of rules.

In 2012 we finished the renovation of our new offices and we intensified the actions for enrollement of members in Varmaga village, where in less then two years we have gathered a large number of active members. As a plan for the future we intend to open other new agencies too. The priorities for our Board: introducing new attractive services for the members, permanent free financial counseling and adapting advice to perfectly fit their needs.

The permanent concern of Certej Credit Union’s employees about activity development led to significant better results regarding number of members as well as loan values. For instance, the number of members grew in 2013 from 739 to over 1300 in just a couple of years, despite village’s limited potential determined by the high unemployment in the area.


Indicator to 2020-12-31

Nr of members
Social fund
3353 mii lei
Loan granted(amount)
2934 mii lei
Productive assets
3970 mii lei
Number of employee

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CAR Certej IFN

Str. Principală bl.B parter 337190Certejul de Sus, Hunedoara


Președinte/President:- Vedinaș Ioan Călin

Dir. ec./CFO - ec. Dudaș Viorica

Agenții/Agencies: Vărmaga