Based on this finding, CAR SANITAR DEVA IFN has endeavored to provide the members, by its specific activity, all the support they may have lacked. Thus it furnishes traditional loans, urgent loans, promotional loans, additional and refinancing loans. In the same time, particular attention is given to any loan demand that is scrutinized and analyzed and always the value of a loan is in direct correlation with the amount of the social fund of the applicant, with the seniority of the member, his promptness in reimbursing loans and also his repayment capability.

Analyzing the evolution of the interest rates the Board of Directors has permanently adapted the interest ratio to the everyday realities. CAR SANITAR DEVA IFN has aligned its activity according to the concerns suggested and supported by the Territorial Union and thus it has been able to introduce additional services such as a bereavement benefit fund for its members and their family and a fund for scholarships which became active in the autumn of 2012.

We have succeeded to remain faithful to the primary aim of functioning of the Credit Union, that of financial support and mutual help of the members, especially now when the economic market in the country is much worse, we have managed to offer our members the possibility to reschedule or refinance their loans, and in the meanwhile we have encouraged them to save by monthly deposits to the social fund.

Our personnel has high quality training, and permanent training and self-improving is one of our main concerns. We have both the capital and the will to achieve the objectives specific to our activity, we display a friendly conduct, of faithful counselors, thus we can approach the members and make them feel they belong to this great family, the family of Credit Unions.

Analyzing the CAREL indicators we can appreciate that the following are relevant and performant: solvency with a ratio of 22,48% and reserves with a 21.86% ratio. In the last couple of years we have paid all the credit requests and this also reflects the seriousness with which we treat our members. We have also successfully managed to convince our members to build up their funds so that it becomes a substantial part of guaranteeing the loans a fact that has reduced the risk of granting compared to previous years.

According to CAREL financial indicators, in the last couple of years we notice the following:

  • The total number of member increased to above 2500 pople;
  • The total amount of loans granted grew to mre than 5 million leii;

The board of directors permanently took decisions for favoring the increase of equity, the number of members, bringing the best financial and consulting services for members. Upcoming, the board of directors intends to permit the increasing of the number of reimbursement rates for various types of loans, making them more accessible, the serious expansion of social support services for members and their families.For the future we intend to maintain the high performant standards, we want to keep increasing the number of our members and also the number of loans and we believe this an achievable goal because the new agency will help strengthen the Credit Union by increasing the no. of members, will increase liquidity to cover loan applications of all kinds.


The mutual aid system is based on the knowledge of its members a system with seniority in our country that has experienced a pronounced development after World War II.

By Decree no. 358 in 1949 establishment was enacted the path for the establishment of the Credit Unions, this being the year in which our Union was founded. C.A.R. SANITAR DEVA IFN is a non-profit association organized on the base of free will of employees for financial support and mutual assistance of its members.

We proudly consider that we can reinterpret the initials of C.A.R. to „correct, advantageous, quick” and that our institution responsibly aligns among the 22 Credit Unions affiliated to the Territorial Credit Union Association in Hunedoara County - a model of performance and evolution for the entire national system of Credit Union

After 1989, the Sanitary Department Credit Union was reconstituted free and democratic, coming out from under the guardianship of the syndicate, forming a new organizational structure with its own leadership.

In the present our organization has a set of tools and modern computer facilities that provide both efficient business management and also the possibility to communicate with other Credit Unions through an on-line system of monitoring the delinquency, reducing the financial risk of all these institutions.

In 2012, CAR SANITAR DEVA IFN started expanding its business, buying a new place for the first of its agencies. Learning from our colleagues experience we have strived to create a nice environment, with modern facilities that work in the benefit of both members and the institution.

CAR SANITAR DEVA IFN crosses the financial crises next to its members, trying as much as possible to be on their side. As one can see, at least for now in Romania the crises is more pronounced from psychological perspective, the difference between expectations and reality is big, due to high growth rates that we have been accustomed to.

Analyzing the main financial indicators for the last four years, they reveal a continuous growth and development of our activities. Thereby, comparing the results from previous years, we observe a constant increase of income. Expenditures were met within the budget framework, even the institutional expenses grew due the establishment of a new agency in Deva. Studying the same four year framework we can enumerate and submit the following distribution of yearly financial surplus:

  • 35% assigned to statutory reserves, 65% assigned to the social fund of the members – each member receiving an interest to its own accumulated social fund superior to the banking interest rates, this way the protection if their funds was secured,.

    Indicator to 2020-12-31

    Nr of members
    Social fund
    6428 mii lei
    Loan granted(amount)
    4060 mii lei
    Productive assets
    6759 mii lei
    Number of employee

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    CAR Sanitar Deva IFN

    Str. M Kogalniceanu 4, et 1 330013Deva, Hunedoara

    Tel./fax 0254-223995

    Presedinte/President - Maguran Elisabeta

    Dir.econ./CFO - Hancila Corina