CAR Unirea Hunedoara IFN


Any major individual who is employee or gains a permanent income, can become member of this credit union, even if he/she already member of other credit union(s).

Types of loans offered by Unirea Hunedoara Credit Union:

Traditional loans

  • Value: up to three or four times member’s share account;
  • Reimbursement period: up to 60 months.

Short-term loans:

  • Value: up to 1000 lei;
  • Reimbursement period: 1 to 4 weeks.

Medium-term loans:

  • Value: up to 5000 lei, depending on member’s creditworthiness
  • Reimbursement period: 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 months.

Other types of loans

  • Loans within the limits of share account, with no endorsements needed;
  • Supplement loans;
  • Loans for capitalizing;
  • Refinancing and loan rescheduling;

Other advantages:

  • Granting a non-refundable burial aid to deceased members’ heirs of up to 1700 lei;
  • A non-refundable burial aid granted in the event of member’s spouse or first degree relatives decease;
  • Annual benefits rewarded to members’ share accounts, much superior than any savings account in banking system.

Sediul CAR Unirea Hunedoara IFN

In past years, people learned to select and organise their priorities better. Hence, money is no longer easily available or randomly invested. The loan applicants are searching for more and more flexible financial products and fast answers. The measures of increasing strictness in lending made it difficult for low income people to find loans. Currently, the only offers from credit institutions are about savings. Many people’s need to obtain money is not fulfilled, mainly due to their low income.

The most secure and handy way to get quick loans at cheap costs and get fair value for your savings, is offered, for past decade, by credit unions, Unirea Hunedoara IFN being one of the strongest and most representative from Romania. Acknowledged, over their 150 years of activity, as non-profit organisations created by employees, credit unions were the easiest way to accomplish their different projects.

Lately, credit unions’ lending grew significantly, more and more individuals signing up as members willing to get loans in gainful conditions, at the same time, being guided to save by increasing their funds. The credit union system from Romania serves mainly the non-bankable sector of population, individuals who earn regular wedge-like income.

Unirea Hunedoara credit union has been established in 2001, having 47 members who were employees at former Termorep company; due to its reduction in activity and employees’ lay-offs the number of credit union’s members decreased dramatically, the credit union being on the verge of dissolution. Through externalisation, by re-establishing itself outside Termorep company, Unirea gained a territorial character, diversified its activity, currently being appreciated locally and nationally for its outstanding performances and for the great quality services offered to its members, and especially for its loan spectrum varying from traditional loans (as multiplier of solicitor’s funds) to addition loans, loans for capitalisation, optional loans.

Embracing a firm policy of territorial expansion, especially in rural areas, Unirea Hunedoara has a branch in Ghelari village with 600 members and work points in other villages as: Cristur, Pestisu Mic and Telicu Inferior, where the members keep growing.


Indicator to 2020-12-31

Nr of members
Social fund
24102 mii lei
Loan granted(amount)
14221 mii lei
Productive assets
24482 mii lei
Number of employee


CAR Unirea Hunedoara IFN

Str. Avram Iancu nr. 16 331014Hunedoara, Hunedoara

Tel./fax 0254-710019



Presedinte/President Pop Gyöngyi

Dir.econ./CFO Petreanu Antoneta Liliana

Agenții/Agencies - Ghelari, Teliuc, Pestisu Mic, Timisoara, Lugoj, Jimbolia, Cristur, Valea lui Mihai